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Pocket WiFi Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

1. What models does Pocket WiFi monitor support?
A. We support the eMobile D25HW and GP01.  The actual OEM equipment is provided by Huawei, and the same models are likely marketed sold by different carriers under different brand names and model numbers.  If you have a mobile hot-spot router manufactured by Huawei, please try it out and let us know.

2. What Operating Systems are Supported?  Will this work on my computer?
A. Currently, testing is performed on Mac OS 10.6, Windows XP, and Windows 7 Pro 32bit.  If you run one of these operating systems, you should be fine.  There are some known issues on Mac OS X 10.7.  Linux should be easy to support, but we aren't distributing Linux builds at this time.  If you have a request for Linux, please contact us.

3. What about smart phones?  Do you support iOS/Android?
A. Not at this time, although there are some are some solutions available for the D25HW on the Android market.

4. How do I make Pocket WiFi Monitor run at start-up or login?
A. In Mac OS X, open the System Settings application, select "User Accounts", and then look for "Start-up Items" under your user ID.  You can add the Pocket WiFi Monitor to this list, and it should start up whenever you log in. 

5. I started Pocket WiFi Monitor, but I don't see anything!
A. The programs starts up by default in an unobtrusive mode, only displaying an icon in the Task Bar's System Tray (in windows) or Menu Bar Notification Area (Mac OS).   This icon will show the signal strength in green, or a large red dot if there is a problem.  Clicking on this icon will allow you to bring up other information. 

6. Why do I need this monitor application?  Can't I just look at the WiFi Signal strength meter on the screen?
A. While you can look at the WiFi signal strength icon, what it shows you is the signal strength of the WiFi between your router and your computer!  Normally, this should be quite strong, since the router is likely to be within a few meters from the computer.  What is more likely to affect your speed is the 3G signal strength, which depends on your router's distance from the mobile cell tower, among other factors.  The signal shown by Pocket WiFi Monitor is the actual mobile broadband signal strength, as reported by your router.

You can also view other information, such as battery strength, from the application.

7. Can't I just use the web interface instead?
A. Yes, you certainly can.  However, the web interface requires you to be logged in and keep the web browser open.  It also is a bit over-kill for doing something like monitoring the signal strength, as it is mainly designed for making configuration changes.

8. So it just shows the signal strength?
A. That is the primary use for most people, but all sorts of other features are built-in.  If you select "Status" from the pop-up menu, a dialog will appear, containing much more information.  Further, some of the tabs have options to launch real-time graphs.  These can be useful, for example, for finding the place with the best signal to place your router, or monitor the bandwidth used.