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Pocket WiFi Monitor

This is a status monitor for the EMobile Pocket WiFi D25HW (and possibly similar models from SoftBank Mobile and others who are using the same hardware - though please understand that only the D25HW is tested).  The new Pocket WiFi G4 (GP01),  is also supported.  The GP02 (42Mbps model) now has beta support as of v0.0.5. GL01P (Pocket WiFi LTE) is supported as of v0.0.8.

これはイーモバイルのPocket WiFi D25HW  無線モバイルルーターの電波状態モニターです。(スフとバンクモバイルと他社も同じ端末を販売してますが、現在イーモバイルのみはテスト済みです。) 新モデルのPocket WiFi G4 (GP01)も対応されてます。新製品のGP02はただ今ベータ版のv0.0.5に対応してます。LTE機種のGL01Pは0.0.8から対応しています。

Once you start the program, it will add a new icon to the menu bar, showing the signal strength.  If the signal strength is zero, of if the program is unable to access the Pocket Wifi Unit, a red dot will show instead.


Pocket WiFi Monitor Screenshots

Note that the IP address of the Pocket WiFi must be set to the default address (

* Supports various firmware versions for each model
* All features work wirelessly, and require no driver install.
* Displays Signal Strength on the tray icon area
* Network type (UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA/DC-HSPA/LTE/Etc.),  SIM Card Status, and carrier (Network Operator) are displayed in pop-up menu.
* Displays Roaming Status
* Supported on Mac OS X (Intel) 10.6 and Windows XP 32-bit. (Probably works on other versions).
* Battery Level and Charging Indicator
* SD Card Status (on supported models)
* Data Traffic Statistics + real-time graph (From version 0.0.4)

Pocket WiFi Feature Matrix

  • Future versions will also support the new other models if possible. (Support for GP02 is complete, GL01P initial support is done).
  • Configuration Options will be added. (in Progress)
  • Logging options
  • Status Change Notifications (In Progress, partially completes)
Known Issues:
  • Testing - please let me know of any success, or problems other than those listed above.
  • If anyone knows how to read the battery status on D25HW, please let me know.
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