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Simple word drill testing software for studying.

Tango test was developed to be a simple and free cross-platform word drill software, and as such it is small and compact.  The words are stored in a user editable CSV file.  A web based version (Coded in PHP) was also available at one point.  


Although TangoTest is simplistic, we are continuing to offer it for the following reasons:
  1. The software may be useful to some people studying Japanese or other languages.
  2. The source code may be useful as a tutorial in how to build simple applications for aspiring coders.
However, Since the time TangoTest was developed, much more sophisticated software with the same goals has emerged.  We recommend you check out Anki to see if it might better meet your needs. Software such as Anki offers additional features, such as optimal timing calculation, etc.

Developer Notes:
  • The source code is offered under the GPLv2 and/or BSD license (at the discretion of the developer), which means it may be used for most purposes.
  • The program was developed on Delphi for windows using CLX. (as opposed to VCL), which means it requires the QT library to be present to run.  The Linux version was compiled with Kylix.
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