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Sync Manager is a utility to keep two directories on your computer in synch.  This can be used to keep a backup disk in sync with your main disk, to separate working and archive folders, or to keep a USB flash drive in synch with your laptop.  Note: This is similar to Microsoft's SyncToy or Unison.  (We recommend using Rsync or Unison for your file synchronization needs, but offer SyncManager source code and binaries here for learning purposes in the hope that they will be useful).

Sync Manager (GUI Version)

Code Comments

// Handles Syncronizing between multiple disks, much like ioMega's "ZipSync".
// Developed primarily for synching my desktop to my laptop.
// note: Rsync is an wonderful utility for keeping mirrors up to date,
//       but lacks a decent gui and has several bugs.  Rsync is also not really
//       well set up for two way copying.
//       Local HDD syncing has a different set of requirements.  Namely: The
//       bandwidth is much higher, so transferring entire files that have
//       changed isn't a big deal, so long as we skip those that haven't.
//       Eventually this library will be able to call external routines like
//       "cp" and "rsync" in addition to the built in routine.
// Note: starting project in Delphi 6 as a CLX project,
//       planning to migrate to FreePascal/Lazarus.

// What it can do now:
//  * It can synchronize two local directories.
//  * It can copy files that don't exist in either tree to the other.
//  * It can create directories that don't exist in either tree to the other.
//  * If a file exists in both trees, it will copy the newer version overtop
//     of the older one.

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Source Code for SyncManager version 2004.03.18  Nov 30, 2011, 12:33 AM Site Administrator

SyncManager GUI version 3 for Windows. (32bit, Intel) Released on 2004.03.18  Nov 30, 2011, 12:27 AM Site Administrator

Source Code for SyncManager version 2004.04.06  Nov 30, 2011, 12:43 AM Site Administrator