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Smart.fm Monitor

We are working on both an API, and several applications which link to the excellent Smart.fm learning site.

21-FEB-2011: Urgent Update

Smart.FM has discontinued the developer API, and also is discontinuing their web site.  (And launching a paid web site, iKnow).  This is a shame, and it means this software (and all other add-on software) will no longer work.  As a result, this page is being moved to our Legacy Apps section.

We are very interested in language learning software, and are researching making our own offering, but until then, we recommend you check out Anki for offline use.  

We are leaving the rest of the page below for historical purposes only.

Good News / Bad News
Well the good news is that since I had a lot of requests for a Windows version of the SmartFM Monitor application, I finally got around to making it work under Windows.  You can see the fruits of my effort below:

The only problem is.....  That's as far as it goes.  The Smart.FM decided to terminate third party developer access to their web site.  No explanation was given, not any estimate of when access will be restored.  They did, however, hint that the situation was temporary, by saying "When the Smart.fm API is available again publicly..."  (Note the use of the word "When" as opposed to "if").  Still, it's very disappointing that they would suddenly shut off access without warning.  You can read the announcement on their developer site here.

So what to do?  Well, their own applications access their data, so clearly third-party ones can, officially or not.  I have a wireshark dump of the requests sent by the iPod application, so I can fix the monitor application (and indeed the rest of the API) using that.  It will take a little time though.  It should be obvious that not supporting a public API only means that people will use the private one, which I can't imagine is what they want, but, that's the only option left for now.

Introducing Smart.fm Monitor
Sneak Preview
Our first, and simplest application will be the smart.fm monitor application.  Smart.fm is a great place to study, and it even tells you which goals you should study when you log in.  The problem is, it doesn't actually remind you to go to the site in the first place, and so many people forget to study.  The Smart.fm Monitor closes this gap.

When you start the application, you will be greeted with a login dialog.  Simply enter your smart.fm user ID and password and click the "login" button.
Please note that at the moment, you must enter an actual Smart.fm login ID and password, not a third party site like GMail or Mixi.

After a slight delay, a popup message should appear and let you know if you have any urgent items in any of your goals.

The owl icon in the menu bar will also turn red to notify you, in case the popup window is somewhere you don't see it right away.  

When you click the owl icon in the menu bar, a list of your goals will appear.  The number in parenthesis to the right of each goal is the number of urgent items that need to be studied right away.  Clicking on any of the goal entries will open that goal in your web browser so you can get to studying.

After you've studied, the monitor application will notice this and update its statistics accordingly.  When this happens, you will also see another popup notifying you of the result of your hard work.

Alternatively, if time passes and you need to study again, the application will of course inform you of that as well.

Of course the about box works, and will show you this box:
Clicking the "Powered By smart.fm" logo will take you to the main page.

We plan on tidying things up a bit and replacing the graphics with better (and more original) ones.

Things are currently still a little rough around the edges, but we expect to release this monitor app for Mac OS probably in 2010-May.  A Windows version will follow.  (Anyone interested in a Linux version, please contact me).  The software will be available in Japanese and English upon release.

Update: A Beta version is available for Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6 (On Intel only).  Download the appropriate version from the attachments below.  Be sure to check out the release notes and remember that this is a beta release, so it might crash or set your computer on fire.
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