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Gemba Libraries

Gemba is an suite of libraries and applications which will offer location aware and mapping related functions. The first application, currently under testing, is Gemba Map Viewer, which will let you track and view your current location on your PC.  This is great for laptops, and works without fancy GPS hardware.

Technologies used include Sony's PlaceEngine software and Apple's CoreLocation API for geo-location based on WiFi access point signals, and OpenStreetMap's open-sourced map data.  Right now a test application is available, but a more polished application with enhanced capabilities will be released in the future.

Supported Maps:
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Google Maps - Tile functionality disabled due to Terms of Service
  • Petamap - Currently Disabled
Geo-location Technologies:
  • Sony PlaceEngine (Mac OS + Windows Only;   Tested with version w100426.)
    • Server - Status: Working
    • Local Database - Status: Working
  • CoreLocation (Mac OS Only) - Working
  • OpenCellID - In Progress

Reusable Libraries: (Click links for Google Code Project Pages)
  • PlaceEngine[-Link] - version 007 - 2011.03.03 - Connects to Sony PlaceEngine
  • Open[Street]Map - version 005 - 2010.11.08 - Connects to OpenStreetMap servers, performs caching. (Also contains some disabled Google Maps functionality).
  • JSON - version 001 - 2010.05.18 - Performs basic operations for scraping JSON data from web replies.
  • CoreLocation - version 000 - 2010 - Native CoreLocation connectivity (not yet functional, use GembaHelper for now.)
  • GembaHelper/GembaAgent - 2011 - CoreLocation bridge for obtaining location information in Mac OS X.(Working)
  • PWMLib2 - Library to monitor 3G WiFi routers.  (Useful for grabbing Cell Tower ID) (Working)
  • OpenStreetMap: Better caching mechanism for map tiles (Memory → Disk → Network)
  • OpenStreetMap: Separate out tile-server from the map viewer application.
  • OpenStreetMap: Retrieve-if-cached functions to avoid waiting.(Offline Mode). Implemented.
  • OpenStreetMap: Threading/Asynchronous calls with callback notification.  (Partially Implemented)
  • CoreLocation: Native ObjectivePascal bridge.  (Remove need for Gemba Agent)
  • Gemba Map Viewer: Mouse Scrolling Capability.
  • Gemba Map Viewer: Integration with OpenCellID location. (In Progress)
  • Gemba Map Viewer: Google Latitude Location Update.
  • Gemba Map Viewer: Location Logging/conversion.  (KML to view in Google Earth, etc.)
  • All: Investigate cooperation/integration with Maciej Kaczkowski's TMapViewer Component.

Sample Screen-shots:

Sample Screen Shots:

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